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With more access to more teams, Joe joined the great staff of NY Sports Day and began writing articles for numerous New York professional sports teams. You can check his articles out.

Begining in 2016, Joe joined Inside Hockey to cover the New York Rangers. You can check out articles from the link.

In 2019, Joe along with his writing partner released their first realistic fiction story exclusively on Amazon. 

You can find the book here,

Sports on the Brain Podcast - Linda Cohn - Joe Soccoa
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Sports on the Brain Podcast - Ed Randall - Joe Soccoa
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Sports Report Demo - Joe Soccoa
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Baseball Demo 2018 - Joe Soccoa
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2019 Baseball PxP - Unknown Artist
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Baseball Play by Play - Joe Soccoa
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In 2015, I created a little behind the scenes video of the junior hockey team I was covering - the NY Applecore. This video was made with the basic set up.

As part of the Aviator Hockey family, not only do I do the play by play but also do video and edit work for special content on the Aviator Youtube channel. 

School Newspaper
Joe Soccoa 2021 Demo Reel

Started in 2021, Joe worked in a charter school and created a student newspaper, written by students along with his help in design and editing. 

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